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About TGR

The world of digitally transformed airtime vending and bill payment platform. We help you get involved in the “train of profit” that telecommunication firms enjoy! You enjoy a share of profit on the top up of your phones, internet data / cable TV subscription and payments of electricity utilities bill.

How to Get Started On TGR

Follow up with the following steps to get started on how to become member of TGR and start earning as part of telecom in the world. 

Unique Things About Top Up And Get Reward(TGR)

  1. It is an inclusive telecom wealth creation platform that stand out among others by putting interest of disability community at heart by giving subtitle to the compensation plan and also do sign language interpretation for back office training.
  2. You can print recharge card with your smart phone in the comfort of your room as a member of TGR.
  3.  Realistic,achievable and sustainable compensation plan.
  4.  Regular access to training every week.
  5. You are giving promotional materials immediately after you get started ,you don’t have to struggle looking for content.
  6. Visionary and God fearing leadership.
  7. Withdrawal is at will anyday any time ,no fix day or date for withdrawal,it’s automatic payment.
  8. There is opportunity for members to learn for personal development and growth,you can also empower others and make positive impact with this opportunity.

9. You can be your own boss and work from home with your smart phone in comfort of your room and make any amount of money you desire,it can also generate extra income without disturbing your present business.

10. There is no balancing of leg before accumulating PV and no point flushing,PV accumulate every month.

11. It helps you to build formidable team that can assist your own personal business,there is multi level advantage.

12. Overtaken is allowed in this business,if you work harder ,you can earn more than your upline,it rewards hard work and smart work.

13. It is a lasting legacy that you can transfer as inheritance to your children

frequently asked questions

What is the name of the company and their website?


What is the name of company’s CEO?
When was the company founded?
What are your Products/Services?
Do you have an office in Nigeria?
Is the company registered with CAC?
You said referring people is very good, HOW Please?

The mouth watering *COMPENSATION PLAN* for referral and VTU bonus and PV is for only those who refer others) That's building of TGR database, building a community of telecom users and you will be making money every second even while you are sleeping

How many people am I expected to directly refer?
Can I refer more than 10 people directly?
Does spillovers help my downlines?
How then can I help my downlines?
Is the VTU for all network?
How do I Upgrade my VTU license?

Simple, have the E-Wallet funds available in your TGR backoffice and click the UPGRADE icon.

What is the difference between the monthly PV and cumulative PV?
If I do not make Leadership Bonus this month, what happens to my PVs?
Can I make Leadership bonus every month?
Are you sure this company won't fold up like others?

Very sure because as long as we have human beings, we will always need these VTU products

How do I join your company ?
Does TGR have an App on playstore?
Must I refer people before I start making money?
Getting people is hard, how do I go about it?
Why should I target leaders to join me?
How do I sell this VTU?

From the TGR Customized VTU E-Wallet.

The money in my E-Wallet, how do I get it as cash to spend?
What about PVs, what are they used for?
How do I accumulate PV?
What is the benefit of UPGRADING my VTU license?
What if I don't wish to Upgrade my VTU license?
If I accumulate more than 100,000PV, will I still be earning?

YES you will...* Check out the just added incentives.

Do I get PV and commissions for my indirect sign ups?
How do I earn VTU bonuses?
How does having more direct referrals help me in TGR?

Unique Video Guide for TGR

How to Register
How to Login
How to fund TGR Account
How to Activate
Airtime transaction
Data transaction
Cable TV Subscription
How to Withdraw
Electricity payment
How to contact Support
M2M Wallet Transfer

Jibore Resent Achievement from TGR

Wanted to know More About TGR

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